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In case you needed a creative outlet

You have probably already seen this if you get the e-mails from NaNo, but just in case, I thought I would point it out. It seems that Intel and W Hotels wants to encourage creative writing by having a script contest. There will be four winners whose short will be filmed by Roman Coppola.

Ok, so that makes it interesting - at least in my book I don't equate Intel with creative writing nor do I equate them to giving money to groups like the Office of Letters and Light (the group that organizes NaNo). This year, however, they are doing both.

What makes this one particularly note worthy (again, in my frame of mind) is that there are two major requirements - it must feature one of four W Hotels and a major component must be the 'Intel inspired Ultrabook'. I can understand the setting requirement - they are, after all, using this in part as a promotion for the hotels - but a major component being a computer? Maybe it's not as strange as it sounds, but I've now got visions of computers growing feet and sneaking around fancy, swank hotels... This contest could really inspire some, shall we say, interesting results... Somehow I think that rampaging badgers need to be added in there. Or maybe rabid squirrels...

For actual details of the contest: