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Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer -

Greetings dear person! Because it seems that letters are supposed to be here to help you get an idea about a fandom, I thought I would write one. This said, the three fandoms listed are part of a small handful that I really enjoy reading.  I pretty much read almost anything that comes along on these fandoms and I'm not picky about what you write. Well… maybe just a bit picky, but it should still give you lots of room to roam.

In order to help you with my requests, I thought I would give you some overall thoughts and a few on the fandoms themselves. Do with them as you wish. Just because I give my opinion on a character does not mean that they have to be in the story or that others can't. It just means that I don't have a strong opinion of the other characters. Feel free to add them or not and treat them however you want. The same goes for my prompts. If you have an idea that goes elsewhere, go with it. Prompts are just in case you need a spring board to jump from.

There is only one thing that really bothers me and that is graphic slash. Just about anything else tends to be fine, though I'm usually not a fan of an OC becoming a main character and the normally main characters becoming minor characters. I also tend to like cannon pairings. I'm mycha on ff.net and on AO3. You'll see that most of my writing tends to be character reactions and marked general. I like all types of writing, I just don't tend to write other types, so don't feel like you are limited on genres. They are all good in my book.

1. Alice (2009)
If you haven't heard of this one, it is a TV remake of the Alice In Wonderland story. My favorite character is Hatter, hands down. Romantically, I see him with Alice, but I also can imagine him being a player beforehand. Actually, I can see Hatter being a lot of things. He strikes me as the bad boy who may actually be, or it may be a front. He's the con-man. The why he is what he is, what is or is not a front, and all of the other details in there are up for grabs.

I see Alice as being very sealed off from everyone and distrustful, especially of those who she feels like she could/should/does trust. She trusts Charlie because she doesn't believe that he can hurt her, physically or emotionally. She doesn't want to trust Hatter, because she knows he can hurt her emotionally.

I'm always curious about Hatter's relationship with Mad March. I don't believe it to be romantic but I could see it as being anywhere from good friends to enemies from day one.

As for prompts or topics I'm rather open. That said, if you are needing some fodder for a topic, lately I've been interested in things revolving around Hatter and his being a Tea Shoppe owner - how did he become one, why did he become one, what it would be like to be high on emotions, or around people that were, etc. Other ideas: How did he become part of the resistance? Why does he work for the Queen? What is it like to work for the queen? Did he ever hold the moniker of "Mad Hatter", and if so, why? If you didn't have an idea before here, maybe one of these questions gives you something to work with.

Alice is a movie that was put out by SyFy (in the US, I presume by others elsewhere?). You can find the basics at wikipedia, but I highly recommend the show. I believe that you can download it at Netflix, Amazon.com, or here.

2. Heart No Kune no Alice | Alice and the Country of Hearts
Yes, another "Alice in Wonderland" story. And again, my favorite character is Blood (this version's Hatter). He is conniving, ruthless, cruel, and downright dangerous. He expects people to fall in line, but he has a sensitive side that he hides most of the time - one that is hinted at occasionally with Elliot, the twins, Alice, and of course the Queen of Hearts herself.

Alice strikes me as being very naive. Blood intrigues her, though she doesn't always realize it or understand it. She seems to me to be at the point in her life where she sees all of the role holders as friends and she sees nothing wrong with that. She may or may not be to the point that she sees love as being a romantic thing vs. a good friendship. She is horrified by the bloodshed in the country; over time the feeling may be tempered though still disturbing to her. I don't see her as being a young child, just a very sheltered young woman. And I never see her as liking Peter White in any way shape or form.

Elliott is the loyal sidekick to Blood. Though everyone is supposed to love Alice, his respect for Blood is such that he does not allow his love for her to go beyond protective older brother (if that far).

It probably needs to be said that I'm only familiar with the manga and not the video game. I'm also not particularly familiar with the side stories from the Country of Clover and such. The others can be brought in, I'm just not that familiar with them outside of what others have written.

I'm always interested in the psychological side of why Blood does something. Some ideas for prompts: Why did Blood really go back to Alice's world and bring her back? What are the repercussions for either Blood or Alice? Are there repercussions for all of the Country of Hearts? How was it done? What was Alice's reaction? What about the other role holders? How does Blood handle the Twins, either in their everyday childish way or in regards to their treatment of Alice? If he told Alice about his sister, how would that play out?

The manga is six books in the US Stores, but you can find it here as well.

3. Witch Hunter Robin
While I see Amon and Robin as being the main characters of the show, the one character I always have problems with is Dojima. I can never seem to get into her head to write something. She obviously has to have some cunning and intelligence to be a spy within Solomon, so I see her flippancy and air-headedness to be an act. I also believe in the idea that a good lie has a kernel of truth, so I'm not sure where that line is with her, or if it is all an act in and of itself.

I see Amon as being the hard-nosed leader, all-witches are evil, blindly following the word of Solomon until Robin comes along. Somehow she breaks that shell, albeit a bit slowly. Though he comes across as cold and aloof, I think he actually hides behind facade. He is calculating and dangerous in his own right, however, as he would need to be to be the leader of an elite hunting squad. I think he is also protective of his own team, possibly to the point of taking the hit personally when someone else is really to blame.

Robin strikes me as being innocent and sheltered, but maybe not so much as to blind her to the real world. She just sees the world as being inherently good unless proven otherwise. At the beginning of the anime she saw everything  as very black and white. Within a few episodes she starts seeing the grey, but isn't sure what to do with it. She is enamored with Amon but has enough presence of mind to not let it overtly interfere with their work or her interactions.

Karasuma is the mother of the group. She tries to be supportive of everyone, run interference with Amon if it seems necessary, and keeps everyone out of trouble.

Sakaki is the boy next door. He always goofs off, is intimidated by Amon and generally tries to hide his faults when Robin or Dojima are around.

Ideas for prompts here is actually a bit harder to come up with. One that would be interesting would be 'What would happen if someone caught Dojima snooping?' She's in Japan to spy on Zaizan, but until near the end no one knows that. So what would happen if someone caught her snooping or breaking cover? How does the team react to Robin going into hiding? What about Amon's appearance and his declaration that Robin is a witch near the end of the series? Why did Amon send Robin to his brother? Again, just some ideas in case you need some.

Witch Hunter Robin is an anime. You can find information via wikipedia or YouTube. It only lasted a season, but if it is new to you, you can get a fairly good feel for it by watching a few of the shows instead of having to watch the whole thing.

Thanks for writing something for me! I really do appreciate it and I'm sure that whatever idea the plot bunny sends your way will be enjoyable.