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I did it!

At midnight I made the goal, 50K words (50271 actually, but who's counting anyway?). I would be dancing like a black and white beagle, but right now I'm still too tired to - I participated in lj_nanowrimo's Night of Writing Drunkenly last night. While I didn't get drunk and the party ended at about 10 pm, I still didn't sleep much or well. I'll stick with the insanely happy grin on my face for now. Wee!! Third year was the charm - it is a first win for me!

Nov. 8th, 2012

Steps to starting your own business (at least in California)

  1. Come up with name - check

  2. Fill out fictitious name form - not needed when your last name is in the name of the company

  3. Print fictitious name in paper - see #2

  4. Set up e-mail address and, if desired, get domain - check

  5. Get Seller's permit - check

  6. Get Business Permit - check

  7. Get Business account at bank - done!

Seem to have forgotten something though... I need a banner for the Etsy site, and now that I actually have a domain, it might be wise to at least have some sort of a web site. ACK! I knew I was forgetting something. sigh

And of course, I try to do all of this in November when I'm also trying to do NaNo.

I truly must be insane...

Most people are leaving the east coast. Me? I came to New York City today, Manhattan specifically. Right before a freaking hurricane. Only hours before public transportation stops in the city. *sigh*  Where I'm at, I should be fine. The hotel is out of the various warning/evacuation areas. The office that I'm supposed to be in tomorrow? That's a different story. They are right next to a mandatory evacuation area. It could all prove to be quite interesting.

In light of this, I've decided to start a twitter account. I'd thought of it before, but didn't really have a reason to. Is anyone surprised that most of the 'people' I'm following either has to do with NaNo or Hurricanes?

If anyone wants to follow me there, let me know. I probably won't do anything unless the weather gets interesting, but those of you who know me know that I try to keep this account un-connected with my RL account, and my twitter is my RL name.

edit @ 8:52pm
Well, it's now official - work is canceled for tomorrow. It will likely be canceled for the rest of the week which would mean I could go home as soon as 'it is safe' as my manager put it.

Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer -

Greetings dear person! Because it seems that letters are supposed to be here to help you get an idea about a fandom, I thought I would write one. This said, the three fandoms listed are part of a small handful that I really enjoy reading.  I pretty much read almost anything that comes along on these fandoms and I'm not picky about what you write. Well… maybe just a bit picky, but it should still give you lots of room to roam.

more for yuletide writers...Collapse )
I have to ask: Is it evil that I am thinking about applying for a job solely because it is in the same town as my brother? This is the brother who seems to want to cut his side of the family out of his immediate family's life...

And why does it strike me that this is something that would be better posted as a twitter message? Hmm...

Don't upgrade to iOS 6

I have no idea if any of you use any Apple products, but if you do, and you use them on WiFi points that require you to login to get permission to use their access point, don't upgrade. Seriously.

I upgraded maybe a week ago. I could use my iPad at home and in the office. No problems. I am now in a hotel and trying to use it only to find out that it is broken! It doesn't matter what credentials I put it, iOS won't validate it.  I had the same problem on my laptop but was able to open a browser, get the same silly login page (just in the browser instead of some crazy thing that the OS pops up) and had no problems via the browser. By Apple's pop-up redirect-to-let-you-log-in thing, no dice.  Googling the problem and searching through the stuff at Apple all show that a) this is happening all across the board to people, b) there is no common solution to said problem and c) it doesn't sound like there will be a fix for it for several more weeks. Oh, and it doesn't look like you can downgrade back to iOS 5.

GRRR!! I'm so not amused!! 

Sep. 20th, 2012

It has become a proven fact: Working in a room with no windows and then going to a hotel room with no windows does indeed increase depressive tendencies and/or worsen symptoms of depression. Me thinks I need to go for a very long walk during lunch or after work. No sun for a week is really taking a toll on my outlook on life.
Recently I was interviewing for a potential new job. I didn't get it, as is probably obvious since there was a distinct lack of "wee! I got it!" postings after the interview. That, however is beside the point. The actual point is that it has caused several people to start suggesting that I should look for a new job, either to one that pays more or to one that has me travel less.

My response has pretty much been the same - 'and do what exactly?' One friend is asking me what I want to do, then he'll help me find a job where he works (at Intel). I know several people to talk to if I wanted a programming job. The problem is that none of those sound interesting at this point. Then one friend asked me, if I could do anything in the world, what would I want to do?

After quite a bit of time, the best I could come up with was 'I want the fairytale'. I want to find a guy who is sweet and funny and smiles a lot causing me to smile too. I don't want to have to work so that I can do all of the little random things that I would like to do instead. I would like to have a little house in the countryside with dogs and kids.

Reality, though, doesn't tend to like fairytales.

I like to work, I like doing things provided there is a purpose, I'm just tired of all the damn travel that prevents me from even attempting to have a life. I'm almost 38. The window for having kids is quickly closing. Kids have never been particularly high on the list of things, so I won't be disappointed if I don't have them. Somehow they just seem to go with the image of a happy life with a doting husband.

I think the problem boils down to my wants. Things that I want often aren't tangible. They are ideas and ideals. I want a job that I'm happy to go to and pays the bills. I want to find my happiness, wherever it may be hiding. I want the guy who makes my heart break a little each time I see him and know I can't have him (I would presume that if I actually had him, my heart would dance for joy every time I saw him) For someone who went for so long not actually knowing what happiness felt like, that seems like a big order. So many people find it, though, that I have to ask 'when will I?'.

I want a new life. Loose weight, change my style - hair, dress, house, whatever - move somewhere different, get a different job. I don't necessarily want to leave friends and family, but particularly on the family front, I want them to be less involved so that when/if I get my own, I won't be tied to all of the expectations that I currently am tied to.

Like I said, I want the fairytale. So does anyone know how I might find it?
I feel a bit of an idiot, but I suppose I shouldn't be too shocked. I do that every now and again. On occasion I think I should re-activate my Facebook account - usually to follow a specific actor, or to 'like' some company for coupons. Until the other day, though, the actor was the only thing that made me seriously think twice.  Like I said, though - Til the other day.

It seems that Chase Bank does a Chase Charitable Giving thing. Right now, Office of Letters and Light, the crazies who bring us NaNoWriMo, is in the running. The charitable organization that gets the most votes by Sep. 19th can get 250k.  Of all the things to get me to reopen my account, but I did, and I've voted. I may turn around and close the account again soon, but if it gets Office of Letters and Light more money, it's worth it, in my opinion.

If you have any desire to support them in such a low key way, go here.

Since they seemed to have kept everything that had been there when I last had an account, I also spent the better part of 2 hours cleaning it out. You know, unfriending the people I really didn't care about. Removing all the games and silliness. Basically making the thing as empty as I possibly can.

On the up side, I can finally see the pictures a friend took on their vacation to Australia!

In case you needed a creative outlet

You have probably already seen this if you get the e-mails from NaNo, but just in case, I thought I would point it out. It seems that Intel and W Hotels wants to encourage creative writing by having a script contest. There will be four winners whose short will be filmed by Roman Coppola.

Ok, so that makes it interesting - at least in my book I don't equate Intel with creative writing nor do I equate them to giving money to groups like the Office of Letters and Light (the group that organizes NaNo). This year, however, they are doing both.

What makes this one particularly note worthy (again, in my frame of mind) is that there are two major requirements - it must feature one of four W Hotels and a major component must be the 'Intel inspired Ultrabook'. I can understand the setting requirement - they are, after all, using this in part as a promotion for the hotels - but a major component being a computer? Maybe it's not as strange as it sounds, but I've now got visions of computers growing feet and sneaking around fancy, swank hotels... This contest could really inspire some, shall we say, interesting results... Somehow I think that rampaging badgers need to be added in there. Or maybe rabid squirrels...

For actual details of the contest: